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Clogged Downspout Pipes And Footing Drains

This is probably the number one reason in Seattle and the surrounding  areas for wet basements. These are usually never given a 2nd thought until they are seen to be overflowing or the basement floods. When it rains the roof water needs to go somewhere away from the foundation but these lines are usually touching the foundation and follow along the basement wall so if they are full of dirt or roots they leak the water right where we don't need it. If the main sewer backs up we snake it clear to get it working right away, or downspout lines they usually are clogged for a very long time until something is done about it and they are either completely full or even damaged. So as a 1st step they get snaked to try and make them flow again or at least be able to place a camera in them to view the current condition. But because they are full of roof sand particles and dirt a hydrojetter or jetter is used to try and flow them clean.  If the hydro jetter can not clear them or they have breaks at the joints that let water out then they have to be replaced. We do all phases of this and try to find the most cost effective methods for our customers. One thing to try and understand is there should be 2 pipe systems at a house one is to convey the water from the roof away from the house, the 2nd would be a foundation drain, or footing drain, or drain tile as it is called,  that has slits or holes in the pipe and it's job is to collect water into it and then be taken away from the building. But some builders combine the 2 systems because there are no codes or laws that say they can't and they would argue that a 2nd pipe is not needed yea right! The single pipe system once just a small amount of roof sand or dirt builds up slows the flow in the pipe and it builds up higher and then does the very opposite of what is needed it lets water back out of the slits or holes that where designed to let it in and collect the water. Landscaper companies seem to do this as well. If you have both systems then it may be possible to just repair or clean the one that is failing. Here are some pictures so that you understand what I mean when I say clogged or full. So email any picture (from a slight distance back so I can see a good view of the area) to Bryce@SeattleDrainService.Com or call or text to 206-395-6350

 Combo systems being footing drains and roof drain lines

  clogged concrete pipe  with new pvc next to it. 

What makes this install tricky is the gas line is right at the same spot but below and the concrete landing, we used a large trailer compressor and a air knife to not risk gas line damage yet still get a new line in.