Maybe You Need The Pipe Doctor ? No Dig Pipe Repair

Fernco Pipe Patch! Trenchless Sewer Repairs

OK Seattle you have had the drain snaked and snaked and it still keeps clogging or backing up.

And you are sick of the drain always being clogged at the worst possible times.

You may have even had a sewer camera locate the problem, point is you know you have a bad

sewer line but you don't have the money to spend on a new sewer line right now, what do you do?

Well you use us as your pipe doctor if the pipe is 3-4 inch and the damaged area is less then 2 feet

we can use our pipe doctor kit on it! We first camera the bad drain, we snake and jetter it if needed

to get it clean, then using special equipment we put a fiberglass patch in the pipe from the inside!

This patch is strong we mean really strong! A few patches here or there maybe all you need to get another

20 years out of that sewer system! Fact is most sewers that are replaced only had a few bad spots in the first place.

This is also great if the bad sewer line is under concrete or asphalt.

Now there really is help for bad sewer lines that won't break the bank! We use the Fernco Pipe Patch The Best in the Industry!