Seattle Drain Service


Polyurethane Injection

Polyurethane injection is a method that can be used to stop leaks in Seattle Area Homes Wet basements. Lets say that doing a proper repair on the positive side (the outside of the foundation) is out of the question for financial reasons or for other reasons. Do I have to have a wet basement? Maybe no it depends on a lot of factors but lets just say in this example the water is not a huge amount of water and it only happens when we get a major Seattle rainfall. All of the little things that can be done like re routing downspouts and grading soil away from the home have been done. And let's say it has been determined that only one or two spots on one wall is the problem area. Polyurethane injection could be used by coring several holes on the problem wall, then water is flushed in through these holes to clean out all debris. Ports are then attached to the holes and Polyurethane can be pumped in to fill the voids in the soil and be pressed against the concrete wall on the outside. This creates a sealed repair membrane on the outside without excavation. If possible it would be best to mole a hole outside the foundation wall to install a perforated PVC pipe to at least give the water and pressure a place to go now that we have sealed off the wall. If no drain is created we run the risk that the water will just move to another location and start coming in all over again. Of course more Polyurethane could be injected if it did. In some situations this is the best that can be done but at least the repair is on the outside wall and will have more of a chance at being a long time repair vs. an inside repair that can not stand up to hydrostatic pressures. I dislike inside repairs in General but do like Polyurethane injection when one must be done. This is not the kind of injection that you can do with a caulking gun but rather a special pump system we have that has the gallons per minute and high enough pressure to produce flow and good filling capabilities.

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