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Seattle Sewer Lining FAQ's

  1. LMK uses a sewer camera port on their machine so that a camera can be used to make sure the liner is in the right location prior to curing. Others must wait till it is cured only to find out it was in the wrong position. A big advantage to us and the customer.
  2. LMK's Liner can be installed through an existing cleanout most of the time while other systems need to excavate a hole to access the sewer. (not really a trenchless install if you have to dig right?)
  3. The LMK system has a major advantage in that it can be stopped and started any place we choose, so if there is a connection to the sewer 20 feet down the line we can line to that spot, stop and then restart another liner past that connection this will save money to the customer because others would have to dig up that spot or send in a expensive cutter to get that connection working again. Granted it adds time to the job but having the option is better than not having the option.

Based on friends that have been installers of other systems and have switched to the LMK system we knew the LMK liner system made the best choice for us and our customers.

We will add to this faq as questions are asked or if we feel there are things the public should know. Feel free to contact us by phone @ 206-632-8069 or email any questions to us at

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