Why use Seattle Drain Service?

Simple we are here to help you the customer and we believe the old adage "The Customer is always right" is a good business practice to follow.

We want you as a lifetime customer and friend. As our customer we will clean your pipes out not just punch a temporary hole in the blockage as

so many drain cleaners on a commission do. We have cameras to find the real problem. We stand 100% behind our work and want your business.

Sometimes there is nothing that can be done and a line must be repaired not cleaned but with our equipment we will find this out quickly!

We can target just the bad spot and get it repaired fast to save you down time. No guessing where the problem is! We Use The Best Sewer camera system there is THE RIDGID SEESNAKE!

So we have these great cameras, is that it? NO we have the very best in Pipe Snakes as well. We have special snakes that most people don't have, you can't even rent equipment like ours.

This is how we can clean the entire pipe not just punch a hole in the problem. We specialize in the older Seattle and surrounding area homes that have old cast iron drains.

And what if that plugged Seattle Drain still won't clear? Well then we use the Jetter on the line! What is a Jetter you ask? A Jetter is a Pressure Washer that goes down your drain and uses the pressure to wash the Pipe clean and clear from the inside! Leaving it almost like new! Of course this doesn't fix breaks or bellies but it sure makes things flow like there supposed to!