Seattle Water Line Leak Detection

Infrared and Helium leak detection

Ground Penetrating Radar for PVC and Plastic

Water main Leak Detection

And Trenchless Repair

Find it And Fix it!

Cable Faults Location
Cable Line Detection
Cable System Lines
Cement Slab Leaks
Drain and Sewer Lines
Electric Breaks
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Helium Detection
Irrigation Leaks
Pipes Metal, and Plastic
PVC & Non-Metallic Water Lines
Septic Tanks Location
Sewer Pipe Location
Slab Leak Location
TV and Electric Cables
Underground Leak Detection
Underground/Buried Utilities
Utility Line Location
Utility Lines
Utility Locating
Video Sewer Inspection
Water Leak Correlation
Water Leak Detection
Water Main Leaks

Leak Detection With Helium For The Following:

Direct buried telephone cables
Splice cases
Underground ducted cables
Air pipe systems
Municipal water systems
Industrial air/gas/liquid piping systems
Electronics industry
High voltage A/C power systems
High Definition television
Chemical manufacturing
Above/underground storage tanks
Cellular and analog telecommunications


Helium Leaks MGD-2002 Leak Locator

All of the equipment represent the latest, most advanced technology manufactured by the market leader SebaKMT Company (member of the MEGGER Group).


COR PT-3: 2 pc of power transmitter A & B online and offline sensor

COR MS-3: 6 pc of offline multisensor

PAM W-2 ground microphone and touch microphone

PAM HYDRO-3 hydrophones

One call does it all no calling multiple contractors.

  • NOT ALL LINES NEED TO BE REPLACED! Some water lines fail because of the pipe sitting on a rock and over a period of time it may rub through the line, but the rest of the water line is still in good condition, in these cases just a repair is needed and repairs are usually a lot less money.
  • Things that ad to the price are the terrain itself, a flat yard is pretty simple but if you have a retaining wall or rockery it will take more time and special equipment. The same goes for water lines that run under driveways and concrete paths some even go under the middle of the front stairs to entrance the house. And some people have water lines that are under a neighbors property before they get on your own property. But this is why people use us to do trenchless water lines. We have more types of trenchless equipment than anyone else to do water line repairs.
  • If you have a very long line to put in we have 2 HDD (Directional Boring machines) That can do up to 400 feet of line in a single shot under the ground with very little digging needed.
  • We carry pneumatic moles which look like little torpedoes to cross under pavement and driveways with out having to use a jackhammer and that saves you money.
  • We have a pipe bursting machine set up that a cable goes in your existing line and then is pulled through from house to street that splits your old line and pulls a new line in, in it's original location.
  • We carry The Power Mole PD-6 a hydraulic pipe pusher/puller that we can move over a couple of inches from your original line and push a new line in while your old line is still in service.
  • We carry the latest most modern tracing equipment to plot out the path of your current line and also check for other lines and utilities like gas lines and power lines that may cross the path of the new water line. If needed we can upload the GPS of the lines location with a Trimble sub meter.
  • We carry water leak locators that use sound to pinpoint the leak and in tough to find leaks we carry hydrogen and helium gas sniffers to sniff out the leaks location. A lot of the times spending money to find a leak is just a waste of money because you find it for $400 dollars only to excavate to the leak and find the whole line is bad. But fear not we do not charge people a leak location fee if they have us do the work once we dig down and make a determination of the lines condition.
  • And we also carry thermal imaging cameras (infrared) and it can be used in combination with other methods to obtain more info of the task at hand before a shovel even hits the ground.
  • We carry GPR (ground penetrating radar) which is sometimes helpful in sandy soil conditions but at the same time is not very effective in heavy clay soils. Non the less it can spot voids in the earth where the leaking water has eroded the soil so that action can be taken before a sink hole or foundation settlement issue arises. But again if these problems are caught in time they can be addressed before they become expensive.
  • We simply carry more specialized equipment than anyone else and we do not need to out source any part of the project. And since we carry so many different solutions you get the best one for your needs not the needs of a contractor that only has one or two options to help you.
  • Certain areas are more prone to complete line failure and usually it is because of the era and materials that where in use when the house was built. Seattle still has a lot of homes with galvanized steel pipe in the ground rusting away. Bothell and Kenmore have a lot of Homes with black poly used in the 80's (and to this day) And it will just start leaking and leaking and leaking you make a repair then another spot goes 2 months later. Kirkland and Bellevue have a lot of Black poly and metal water lines as well.
  • So if you need to locate the water leak or need someone to repair or replace the water main give us a call!


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